A glass of Beer Can Improve Your Health Says Studies

According to the US Department of Agriculture reports, beer contains a large number of vitamins and nutrients and is rich in vitamin B, especially vitamin B3, known as niacin, which is useful in the prevention and treatment of depression, headache, and high cholesterol. Studies have shown that 335 ml. beer contains 1.83 milligrams of niacin. Now you finally have an alibi if you are late to your girlfriend because you have drunk a mug of beer with your friends.

– Knowledge about the content of nutrients and vitamins in beer is based on several studies conducted around the world in a desire to determine the positive effects on the body in case of moderate consumption of beer. In addition to reducing the risk of cardiovascular disease, beer increases the level of antioxidants in the body.

A glass of Beer Can Improve Your Health Says Studies
A glass of Beer Can Improve Your Health Says Studies

Studies such as this are important for the medical community, but also for beer fans, which are many in the world, as it is important to have more information about the products we consume, said Corina Aurelia Zugrah, president of the Beer Center.

In addition to niacin, beer contains vitamins and other nutrients such as vitamin B6, B5, choline, flavonoids and other B vitamins that are involved in the major metabolic processes of the human body. The amount of vitamins contained in the beer is shown in the table below:

Vitamins and Other Nutrients in 355 ml Beer:

– Niacin (B3): 1.83 mg

– Pyridoxine (B6): 0.164 mg

– Pantoneic acid (B5): 0.146 mg

– Thiamine (B1): 0.018 mg

– Riboflavin (B2): 0.089 mg

– Cyanocobalamin (B12): 0.07 mg

– Folic Acid: 21 mg

– Choline: 36 mg

Moderate consumption of beer must be accompanied by a healthy lifestyle and proper nutrition. For moderate consumption of beer is considered an amount of 660 ml/day for men and 330 ml/day for women, for a beer with an alcohol content of 5 percent. This means that from a “masonry” daily you can not be anything wrong, and because of that, the health of American scientists!

Next time when your wife scolds you for drinking beer, show her this article and tell her that you are only drinking to boost up your immunity so that you can stay healthy. You don’t trust me? Here is the answer to all the queries you have about beer having healthy properties. 

  1. Beer is rich in the multivitamin properties. Beer consists of vitamin B along with some minerals such as iron, calcium, phosphates and even fiber. Depending on what is used to make the beer the nutritional element will vary, however, all these elements are found nonetheless. 
  2. Beer does not only consist of multivitamins and minerals needed to substantiate our body. It also consists of antioxidants. Antioxidants are very beneficial for skins and the body. It keeps you rejuvenated and makes your skin feel radiant. Antioxidants generally have the power to keep blood pressure and sugar level in the bay. So think what one glass of beer does to your body. 
  3. Beer has elements that are not a threat to your heart like other hard drinks. Beer makes you happy as it releases serotonin which makes you feel lighthearted which is responsible for the happy feelings you get. The happier you are, the better the chances of having a healthy heart. Those who drink beer have low chances of having heart disease. 
  4. Not only heart disease but beer has some healing properties which are generally targeted towards the reduction toward the formulation of kidney stones. It does not formulate kidney stones and prevents them from occurring. 
  5. Beer has the capacity to reduce the LDL which may cause heart disease. So it means it keeps your cholesterol level at check. 

See, beer is not your enemy. It is the doctor that you need to prevent this kind of issue from happening. 


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