Basil, Cure For Many Conditions

This year-long grass, especially its leaves, has a pleasant smell just before flowering and at the time they open their white, pink or purple flowers.

The taste is bitter and aromatic. Picked her ground part, of the strong afternoon sun. The plant is cut to above the ground and can be harvested just leaves.

Often there are two harvests – in July and in the second half of September. Connoisseurs of medicinal herbs basil say collected in July has better healing properties. If the entire plant is picked, dried in small bundles tied, they are dried in a thin layer spread on a clean surface.

Dried herb should Crush and stored in a well-closed tin of glass or box in which can not enter the air. According to people who know about herbs in contact with air basil loses its healing properties. It contains essential oil with cineole elements, tino, lineal, eugenol, camphor.

In India basil is used as a deity and they offer rituals around it so that the tree blesses them with positivity and health. It is a known true fact that basil does provide health and prosperity. How do you ask? Let us see how good basil is for you.

Basil, Cure For Many Conditions
Basil, Cure For Many Conditions

This tea scented herb is recommended for nervous people, the children who have restless sleep and adults who suffer from dizziness, angina or migraine, abdominal cramps – in all cases they drink two or three times a day at a cup of tea (small spoon Pour 2 ounces of boiling water). This medicine disperses black thoughts; cure asthma, inflammation of the kidneys, it opens the appetite, enhances sex drive.

Basil has diuretic properties – helps to the better secretion of urine. He acts stimulating blood circulation and improves blood flow. Being prepared in the following manner:

Basil Recipe for Blood Circulation

In 1 liter of water placed 10-15 g leaves; they stand in water up to half an hour. The essence of basil drink in doses of five drops of cube sugar after eating. Used against lack of stomach juices caused by a nerve disorder.

Along with garlic, basil acts against intestinal parasites. It is important and its a stimulating effect on mammary glands in lactating women who do not have enough milk. For this purpose, a handful of basil boil 1 liter of water and drink it two cups day.

Cooked in white wine, the fruit of basil used in hardline constipation.

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Benefits Of Basil: 

  • Basil is rich in vitamins, various types of minerals as well as a provider of various types of antioxidants. Basil is used in many medicines for its medicinal properties as well as in the cooking because of the fragrance and texture it adds. 
  • Basil is used to treating cold and cough. Whenever you have a cold or cough, you can make a tea out of basil leaves and mix some honey to boost the immunity system of yours. Drink it hot. It will work miraculously. 
  • It is claimed that basil has antioxidants and macroelements such as potassium and vitamin K which is miraculous. These antioxidants are very much needed as it keeps your blood pressure at bay. Keeping the blood pressure is the key as it prevents another disease. 
  • Basil strengthens the heart as it keeps the blood pressure low meanwhile the flow is healthy too. 
  • Basil purifies the blood which means the elements of toxic residues get flushed down your system. 
  • It prevents the formulation of acne. As basil purifies blood flow, it means that you will have less acne on your skin along with rashes and other skin conditions. 
  • It has the potential to make your liver strong and has the potential to fight cancer too. 

If basil is used right, it will surely serve you miraculously and help you fight many illnesses.


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