Bruschetta With Mustard of Figs And Prosciutto

There is nothing better than celebrating friendship with people who matter to us, in a nice way. We have the perfect recipe for delicious preparation, and make sure you invite the right friends to Few fun facts about bruschetta: bruschetta is one of the most ordered items that is ordered starting as an appetizer or even in the brunches. Here are some of the interesting facts that you must have not known but will surely delight you. 

  • The bruschetta first originated in one part of Italy at the end of the 14th century and as early as the 15th century. It has been passed down to generations as it took some drastic changes to what we know as bruschetta. 
  • The classic bruschetta does not have any fancy items such as caviar or blue cheese on it. The classic bruschetta recipe calls for a bit of garlic-flavored oil spilled on the baguette while using baby cherry tomatoes, salt, pepper and fresh herb as a topping. 
  • For bruschetta, it is recorded in the book of cuisine that it should be made with baguette as it is very crunchy and provides a good texture. Food should be proportionate about all the texture it will provide to the senses. 
  • Bruschetta is such tasty food and the uniqueness of the flavor owes its individualism to its maker as it is upon the maker to decide what to top it off with. You can use whatever ingredients you want. Make sure each compound complements each element so as not to create a clash in flavors. 
  • What we know as bruschetta, it is known as fettunta in the other part of Italy known as Tuscany. However, it varies in the recipe as it does not have toppings but only oil and toasted in lightly to savor the taste of the pure ingredients. 
  • The bread that is used to make the bruschetta is high in protein and calories. It contains very little fat making it a healthy option for you. 

Ingredients Required:

– toasted baguettes of bread
– cream cheese
– mustard and sweet figs mixed together
– prosciutto
– parsley for decoration

Bruschetta With Mustard of Figs And Prosciutto
Bruschetta With Mustard of Figs And Prosciutto

Method of Preparation:

Baguette bread cut into pieces about 1 cm thick. Tin them in a pan of little olive oil. Make sure that each piece is covered with cream cheese, and on the side stir a little mustard with sweet figs. Apply from the sweet mustard on the sausage and finish the bruschetta with a piece of prosciutto and fresh parsley.


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