Cream of White Chocolate, Quick and Delicious Recipe

An excellent period of the year when we can enjoy the taste of chocolate without having to worry about conscience.

An easy recipe that will surely delight guests and bring a big bravo to the one who has prepared it.

Ingredients Required:

– 350 gr. cookies
– 100 ml. limoncello or liqueur to your liking
– 2 pieces of maracuja or 1 kiwi, finely chopped

– 50 gr. coconut

For The Cream With White Chocolate:

Cream of White Chocolate, Quick and Delicious Recipe
Cream of White Chocolate, Quick and Delicious Recipe

– 370 ml. milk
– 120 ml. sweet cream
– 50 gr. brown sugar
– 350 gr. quality white chocolate
– 7 yolks

For Vanilla Cream:

– 600 ml. sweet cream
– 2 teaspoons vanilla extract
– 50 gr. powdered sugar
– 2 lemon peel

Method of Preparation:

To prepare the cream of white chocolate, put the milk, the sweet cream and white chocolate in a pot of fire. Stir until melted white chocolate. Add the egg yolks with constant stirring and remove from the fire. Add sugar and stir until melted.

Transfer the entire mixture over a sieve to remove the cooked parts of the egg yolks. Put the cream in a clean glass bowl, cover it with fresh food paper and allow to cool coolly overnight in a refrigerator.

The next day, put the cookies in a large deep bowl or in individual serving glasses. Above the cookies put the coconut and sprinkle half of the liquor, the lemon zest and half of the finely chopped kiwi.

Put on the fruit from the cream of white chocolate and on it the vanilla cream that you prepare so that the sweet-sour cream will be swept together with vanilla and powdered sugar. Decorate with the remaining lemon zest and chopped kiwi.

Here is another recipe that is very easy to use and very easy to make. I bet you will surely impress the person as this recipe is very tempting as well as romantic. 

White chocolate mousse using white cream. 


For the cream and mousse:

  • white chocolate
  • Butter
  • Cream
  • Sugar
  • Vanilla essence


  • Cream
  • Strawberry
  • almonds. 


Take a pan and boil some water on it. Put a bowl on the pan but make sure that the water is not touching it. Put the white chocolate after breaking it into pieces and let it melt. When it is halfway melted, add butter in it to make it smooth. This is the mixture that you can use for frosting in cake and brownies. Here goes your white chocolate frosting cream. 

Now to turn it into a mousse, you have to take a bowl and whip the cream after adding a teaspoon of vanilla essence so that it has a firm peak-end to it. Keep aside some whipped cream for garnishing methods. Slowly now fold the white chocolate frosting cream mixture into it so that it stays light and fluffy. Keep it in the fridge for about one hour so it Is set. 

Take it out of the fridge and put some strawberry and put it above the mousse. Add whipped cream on it and add chopped toasted almonds for some texture.

Tips: you can add whatever fruits you wish to add. White chocolate is so subtle in taste that almost everything goes with it. So seasonal fruits will taste good too. To add some texture, you can wafer of your choice and if you are looking for some freshness to cut through that rich texture, add a twig of mint which will provide you with some fresh feeling. Happy eating. Enjoy.


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