Fight Against Chronic Fatigue With 5 Dietary Changes

If you feel chronic fatigue, it is very likely that you will need to change your diet. This syndrome is characterized by extreme fatigue, blurred thinking, 1 million people in the United States suffer from it.

Here are 5 dietary changes that can help if you feel it:

1) Replace Refined Carbohydrates

Unlike complex carbohydrates, refined products go through millions of processes that destroy their nutrients, and as a result, various pasta from white flour (bread, pasta, etc.) move through the digestive system as quickly as possible, causing a sharp increase and lowering of the level of blood sugar. For those who have the chronic fatigue syndrome, it means they will feel totally exhausted.

Fight Against Chronic Fatigue With 5 Dietary Changes
Fight Against Chronic Fatigue With 5 Dietary Changes

To maintain your blood sugar levels as well as to have more energy, add complex carbohydrates like bread from whole wheat, barley, oats, millet, cinnamon, and whole rice. They are all rich in fiber and will be boiled slower, which will keep the blood sugar levels and energy stable.

Demarcating a line between whether you are just tired or severely suffering from the symptoms of chronic fatigue is a tough one but the signs are always there. The signs are 

  • When you have taken a rest but still feeling like you are tired. 
  • Mentally you are exhausted. 
  • Physically you are healthy but you feel like you cannot do anything.
  • Headache
  • Body pain

All these signs along with some others are a sign of chronic fatigue. And here are five ways in which you can treat it. 

  1. Do not eat food that has a high amount of sugar. The more you consume sugar the more fatigue and restless you will feel. It has the chance of increasing blood pressure and sugar level which will make you more agitated and restless in this state. 
  2. Do not eat that food that is processed. Stay away from food that is packaged as they have many elements that are harmful to your health and cause a disturbance in your system. 
  3. You have to drink more water and less caffeine. Caffeine has elements that reduce our sleep level. Drinking more caffeine means decreasing your sleep as it makes you stay awakened. 
  4. Just like coffee, you have to stay away from drinking alcohol. Of course, alcohol has the chance to make you feel calm but the aftereffects are tragic as it follows hangover, headache and restlessness, and fatigue. 
  5. Exercise and do yoga. If you cannot indulge in healthy habits then you will find it hard to get rid of the bad ones. Exercising makes you feel alive and healthy. It energizes you and jumpstarts a pattern of good sleep and eating good food. 

IIn these five ways you can battle the chronic fatigue that is making you restless. Hope it helps. 


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