Food Can Prevent Tooth Decay, Diet is Crucial for Healthy Teeth

Maintaining the health of teeth is of exceptional importance, and this is done not only by regular washing and removal of the toothbrush but also by the diet. You think eating food and not brushing your teeth is the reason behind that decay that you had been fostering? To some extent, it is the truth but not all food has properties that affect the teeth. Some foods are directed towards preventing tooth decay. Here are some foods which you can eat in order to prevent such things. 

1) Egg for Stronger Teeth

Eggs are rich in vitamin D that prevents their deterioration because it contributes to stronger teeth that are more resistant to spoilage.

Food Can Prevent Tooth Decay, Diet is Crucial for Healthy Teeth
Food Can Prevent Tooth Decay, Diet is Crucial for Healthy Teeth

2) Sweet Potato is Vital for the Healthy Mouth

Sweet potato is rich in vitamin A, which is vital for the saliva function that regulates pH in the mouth, preventing tooth decay. In addition, it has more potassium than bananas.

Some Other Tips:

  • Food that is high in calcium: We all know how good calcium is for both bones and teeth. Those foods which are high in calcium content will not only strengthen your bone but will also add to the strength of the teeth while maintaining its integrity so that it does not decay that easily. The more you eat food high in calcium and other elements to absorb that portion. You will be good. Such food is kale, milk etcetera 
  • Fruits, veggies and fibrous foods: Fruits and veggies are the harbourers of vitamins and multimineral which are needed to absorb the calcium. Such vitamin which prevents tooth decay is vitamin c which is found in oranges. Other fruits such as grapes, banana are also needed. Veggies such as beans, sprouts are also high in such elements which will prevent decay. Fiber is very much important as it keeps the flowing of saliva in check which helps digest the food easily. 
  • Grains: Next time when you slide away from that plate of grains think again as grains like lentils, brown rice, rice, cereal are very much directed towards making you healthy so that you do not cause decay to your teeth. 

Another tip that you would be needing in order to prevent your teeth from getting decayed is to stay away from desserts. Even if you do, make sure you gargle. 


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