Fruit, Are You Peeling All Wrong ? – Useful Video

The fruit is rich with vitamins and minerals, so we all know that we need to consume more, in any kind of daily basis. But did you know to clean it properly? For example, if the kiwi peels with a knife, not a spoon, you’re mistaken! Or when you pure pomegranate, do you happen to paint the kitchen in red?

Don’t know how to peel a fruit? Don’t worry, here are some of the ways you can peel some of the fruits. 

Fruit, Are You Peeling All Wrong ? – Useful Video
Fruit, Are You Peeling All Wrong ? – Useful Video

There are a few tricks that will save you time and energy when you try to enter your daily dose of vitamins. See how easy, quick and simple to clean the following six types of your favorite fruits.


  • Take a kiwi
  • Place it on the chopping board
  • Cut the top and the bottom of the fruit
  • Put a spoon inside the fruit and roll it. 
  • Push the fruit out of the skin
  • Cut it into pieces

Orange or tangerine: 

  • Take an orange or tangerine
  • Make an incision laterally 
  • Open it in horizontally
  • Take one piece at a time. 


  • Take the avocado and put it on the board. 
  • Make a cut vertically at one go by rolling the fruit
  • Make a dent on the seed of the avocado and take it out. 
  • Take a spoon and slide the flesh of the avocado on the board. 
  • Cut it into pieces. 


  • Cut the top of the mango
  • Take a knife and start peeling the mango vertically. 
  • Slice the flesh by feeling the seed of the mango. 
  • Cut it into pieces. 


  • Cut the top and bottom of the pineapple. 
  • Take a sharp knife and make an incision vertically one by one until you reach the starting point. 

Nuts with hardshell: 

  • Take the nuts and bruise them with a hammer. Make sure that each and every shell is at least bruised or cracked. 
  • Take them and slightly let it under the preheated oven for 10 minutes. 
  • Bring it out and crack it open using a hammer. 


  • Make a small cut on the bottom of the peach in the shape of “X”. 
  • Boil some water and cook the peaches for 10 minutes. 
  • Give it a cold water shock by placing it in iced-water. 
  • The skin will peel off easily and you can take them off using your hand. 


  • Take the apple and cut the top of the apple. 
  • Take your knife and start at one point by making an incision and moving your way downwards while maintaining that cut. 

Check This Useful Video – Enjoy :


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