Healthy Foods, Top Ten Groceries That Prolong Your Life

If you take care to eat healthy and listen to your body,you know which foods you like and which do not. There are numerous studies that are looking to extend the life through proper nutrition.Lets see which healthy foods are the most effective :


Reduce the likelihood of cancer by 40 percent. People who regularly consume have less risk of heart attack and loss of memory.

Olive Oil

Reduces the risk of repeated heart attacks in people who already have endured.

Healthy Foods, Top Ten Groceries That Prolong Your Life
Healthy Foods, Top Ten Groceries That Prolong Your Life


Garlic is known as one of the healthiest foods with strong antioxidant itself and is recommended for strengthening the immune system. Helps cancer patients by increasing the quality of life for the duration of the disease. Also, garlic prevents heart attack.


One full hand blueberries a day will greatly slow down the process of change in the brain that lead to aging.

Black Grapes

Grape juice has four times more antioxidants than the juice from the tomatoes or oranges. Drink it regularly, or even better, eat them whole grains grapes.

Bread: You have to buy bread as bread is made of wheat. We all know how good wheat is for our body. The bread is made up of wheat which is a provider of fibre, iron, protein. It is low in calories and does not harm the body. It cuts back the fat content in the body and regulates the digestive system. 

Eggs: Eggs are like the humble ingredients that bind everything together. Think of all the things you can do out of eggs. You can cook curry, pasta, egg rice, egg poach, toast and it is the ultimate and alternative cheap option which provides the highest amount of protein after meat and fish. 

Condiments: You should always have some condiments to make your food tastier. Condiments such as ketchup, chilli sauce and other condiments should be there. It not only provides taste to the food but also provides minerals too. 

Milk: You can make so many things out of milk. If not, you can drink it anyway like this as it contains elements such as proteins, calcium, minerals like potassium, zinc and nutrients like antioxidants. It is a great snacking item too which will make you healthy. 

Herbs: Without herbs, no food is complete. Basil, parsley, coriander, rosemary and thyme should always be there. Dried herbs such as rosemary, thyme, bay leaves are easy to store meanwhile basil, parsley, coriander, chives can be stored using some tricks. 

These are the ten things that should always be in your pantry or fridges as it will make one meal complete. You can cook anything out of these ingredients.


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