Honey – The Unique Food That Lasts for Year, Procedure of Creating and Benefits of Honey

It is known as the only non-volatile food, which can only change its shape and flow from liquid to crystalline form, but not to spoil it. It is a characteristic of only delicious and very healthy honey, which has been used as a natural sweetener in prehistoric times, long before the sugar became widely available in the 16th century.

Our ancestors were aware of the health benefits of honey and it was consumed and used in medicine. The ancient Egyptians believed that regular intake of honey contributes to a longer life and greater vitality.

Honey – The Unique Food That Lasts for Year, Procedure of Creating and Benefits of Honey
Honey – The Unique Food That Lasts for Year, Procedure of Creating and Benefits of Honey

It is a sweet elixir composed of fructose and glucose, and at the same time rich in a source of minerals: iron, calcium, phosphates, potassium and magnesium, and it is also a great substitute for sugar. They have almost the same calorie value, but the honey has a greater number of nutrients, allows better regulation of blood sugar levels and contributes to easier maintenance of the good shape.

Getting Honey

About 60,000 bees collectively spend about 100,000 kilometers collecting nectar enough to get half a kilo of honey.

Once the nectar is collected, the bee is packed in its “extra” stomach where it interferes with enzymes and through the process of regurgitation, it is transferred to the mouth of another bee.

This process is repeated until the nectar becomes partially cooked and then deposited in a honeycomb. Through the evaporation process, the water evaporates and a dense substance known as honey is obtained. The soak is sealed with a liquid, abdominal secretion of a bee and hardened in a bee wax. Over 300 types of honey are known worldwide.

The Benefits Of Honey: 

Honey is considered as gold in some cultures and why not, without honey we would not be able to sustain our life. The whole world would come to cease if that happened. Here are some of the important points which are beneficial to humankind. 

  • Some sugar is not bad for our health. No uhhh. Sugar which is easily broken by our digestive juices is very good for us. Some of the sugar that gets easily broken are fructose, glucose, maltose and sucrose and luckily honey contains all of these. That is why many use honey as an alternative option to sugar as it does not add to the existing sugar level. 
  • Apart from the sugar content, honey contains some other proteins, vitamins, minerals that are active and are great in number. The intake of all these minerals and other elements would result in great health. 
  • Do you think tea and chocolate is a great supplier of antioxidants? Think again. Honey contains antioxidants in a great amount which makes it more healthy than ever before. all the more reason to switch to honey. The antioxidant helps purify the blood flow and the pure your blood is, the better your body will be. 
  • Antioxidants which are highly contained in honey can reduce the risk of ever contracting illnesses like cancer, strokes, heart attacks. 
  • Do you have diabetes but want to indulge in a sweet treat? Why would you not? Sweet treats are everything decadent we live for. It aims toward lowering the risks of cholesterol, triglycerides meanwhile it produces HDL cholesterol which is good for a diabetic patient. So do not worry. Eat. 
  • Switching to honey instead of sugar can reduce the chances of suffering from blood pressure that runs on the higher side. 

Now that you know the goodness that comes with honey, switch to it.


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