How to Lose Weight With Natural Diet 2+1 ?

Is your New Year’s decision included a healthy lifestyle in 2015? How to lose weight in a natural way? To improve the line and you feel better do not have to deny the favorite food, not to take the starvation.

Losing weight seems tough if you push yourself, to the extent from which you cannot return. Losing weight is not always about going to the gym, chugging supplements and starving yourself. You can naturally do it too. 

Instead, “cheat” your eyes and stomach with this hit diet named “2 + 1” which offers success with a few helpful tips.

How to Lose Weight With Natural Diet 2+1 ?
How to Lose Weight With Natural Diet 2+1 ?

This diet allows you to eat all the usual groceries, but the emphasis is on vegetables. The same advice to a bowl covered with two servings of fruit and one serving of meat. In other words, every meal 75 percent of the bowl fills it with vegetables (two thirds) and the rest (one third) proteins optional as meat, fish, eggs or soy.


  • A proportionate amount of food: You have to change your food habits. Just because a food is tasty does not mean you will keep eating it. Take portions of it and make sure that each portion has nutritional elements. Add more proteins to your food. Write up a diet chart with a proportionate amount of everything. 
  • A timely eating schedule: Adding only veggies and proteins is not enough. You have to make sure that you maintain the diet chart while maintaining the time too. Make sure that you eat breakfast on time. Even dinner and lunch too. Follow it throughout. eating in time can help you have a petite figure and the thought of munching will be gone. 
  • Measure the food: Measuring food here means measuring it roughly, in the sense of the weighing of the food and nutritionally weighing it too. You have to portion the starch, proteins, grains too as well as portioning the nutritional facts too. 
  • Drink water: Yes, drinking water is very much needed and it does not matter which procedure you have chosen to lose your weight. Detoxifying your body is needed and water is one natural element that could help you achieve that thing. 
  • Maintain a healthy lifestyle: Sleep well, eat well, never starve yourself. Maintain an eight-hour sleep. Starving is not an option. And other elements that are much needed are exercising. Exercise or you can even do yoga too. You have to charge yourself positively and energize your body from within. 


Hope this helped. Hope you reach your goal. 


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