Potatoes, 5 Secrets to Perfect Creamy Mashed Potatoes – Puree

Mashed potatoes are a delicious addition that complements a perfectly good piece of meat on your plate, and matches each season. But many believe that perfect creamy and gently mashed potatoes are impossible to make at home. In the desire to avoid lumps we making mistakes who actually create even more problems.

Potato mash is the ultimate side that goes with every mains. Here are five secrets to making a creamy and velvety version of mashed potato that will woo your guests.

Here’s where sin often:

Good Pick Potatoes

Mistake: mashed potatoes by doing that you will find handy. Whether young or old, white or red, for you is quite the same.

Potatoes, 5 Secrets to Perfect Creamy Mashed Potatoes – Puree
Potatoes, 5 Secrets to Perfect Creamy Mashed Potatoes – Puree

Solution: To prepare the mashed potatoes you need fruits with a high percentage of starch.Potatoes that are perfect for squeezing.

Dice The Potatoes Into Cubes

Mistake: boil the potatoes with the peel or whole peeled fruit to put in boiled water. In that way, the potatoes are cooked, about a half-hour minimum, and in the middle of cooking you will lose nerve, or the potatoes will stay thermally unprocessed.

Solution: Peel the potatoes and chop them of approximately the same size and place them in a pot of cold salted water for all slices are cooked simultaneously. Remove from the fire before they reach the point of disintegration.

  • Sometimes the secret lies in the simplest of things and here the secret to having the best creamy mash lies on the humble potato. There is a various breed of potatoes available in the market but no potato is as good as golden Yukon potato or russet potato as the starch content is much higher which makes it creamy and mealy. 
  • Potato is humble because it can absorb the flavor of other ingredients like a sponge. To make it tastier, you just have to add a combination of aromatics and ingredients to develop the flavor. You can add garlic-parsley or thyme-rosemary. 
  • Making it heavy is not the goal. Make sure that you don’t add a buttload of cream. Add a proportionate amount of cream, butter, and milk to make It tastier and creamier. Though adding butter would just develop the flavor of the potato mash but it will be tastier. 
  • Do not boil the water and then add potato. Make sure that you take the water and potato together and then slowly bring it to boil. Make sure the water is salted but not like seawater. If you add the potato in the boiling water, then it would not be cooked through. The latter process makes sure that the potato is cooked through. 
  • After boiling it, use a potato masher to turn it into a paste. After that, make sure that you pass it through a drive to have a cream-like consistency. 


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