Tea Around The World Traditions in 21 Ways, Loose Tea or Tea Box Depends on You

A small preview of tea around the world traditions. Tea and the world with it.
Let’s look :

Japan Tea

Japan is known for powdered green tea which is finely ground leaves of the “green tea“. In Japan, it is a traditional ceremonies drink.

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Hong Kong Tea

Hong Kong tea or “pantyhose tea” and “silk stocking tea” is the same. This name gets because the color of this drink is very similar to color of skin. To make this tea you need strong chilled black tea, condensed milk and all this is served over ice in the cup.

Tea Around The World Traditions in 21 Ways, Loose Tea or Tea Box Depends on You
Tea Around The World Traditions in 21 Ways, Loose Tea or Tea Box Depends on You

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Taiwan Tea

Taiwan Tea or maybe you hear about “bubble tea” or more know like “pearl milk tea” is a worldwide phenomenon. This tea has Taiwan roots. Bubble tea can be consumed cold or hot, but always is prepare on the sugar syrup. Many people say: If you try bubble tea, you will forget Frappuccino.

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Turkey Tea

When we talk about a warm drink in Turkey, we think of Turkish coffee, but tea “Cay” is the most popular drink. Tea is served with every meal and often between meals. Black tea in Turkey does not interfere with milk and always is served in small cups.


Served with a green tea bag, mint leaves and a butt load of sugar. The glass is delicate and it poured from above. 


The tea is made with a huge amount of butter to make it more creamy and smooth. milk, salt, and yak butter are cooked along with tea leaves. 


A blend of spicy tea called ‘chai’ which has an amalgamation of tea leaves, sugar, milk, spice such as cardamom, ginger and saffron served in marks.


The tea is called yerba mate which has a blend of herbs and tea leaves brewed together to give it a more earthy taste. 


The tea called Bavaria is a loose-leaf tea which is very much concentrated and strongly brewed tea usually made with water and leaves only. 


The tea ceremony is called the gongfu ceremony. 


The tea is made with spices, tamarind, sugar, and condensed milk. 


It is called bubba tea which is an amalgamation of black, green, jasmine or oolong mixture along with tapioca pearls. 


The tea is called pantyhose tea and usually, it is a stained tea and milk concoction. 


They also have a tea tradition and usually drink matcha or green tea. 


The tea is called noon chai mixed with nuts, tea leaves, and spices. 

United Kingdom:

They have their own tea ceremony. They usually take tea blends mixed with flowers. 

New Zealand:

They have the same brewing process to that of Englishmen. 


It is called chaikhanehs made with sugar, water, and tea leaves. 


It is called pulled tea or the Tarik. 


Their tea blend is the same as the British people. 


They make tea infusing rose petals, tea leaves, and water and brew it. 


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