What To Expect When You Start With Exercise For The First Time?

If you are part of them, you will need to get used to a lot of things that you have never met before, or you were unusual. No matter how discouraging some of them are, it is important to continue to get visible results. Here’s what to expect when you start exercise for the first time:

1) You, Will, Feel Pain And Fatigue Everywhere

When exercising, you actually create cracks in the muscle fibers, and the process of their recovery makes them stronger – causing a sense of pain. This usually occurs 1 to 2 days after the training and is known under the name DOMS (delayed onset of muscle pain).

When you’re new to exercise, your nervous system is still not effective in recruiting the various muscles, and the body does not know exactly how to properly activate the muscles and not have enough good motor control. As you practice, the body is taught how to move properly, but in the beginning, all this stress on the muscles leads to more pain. Fortunately, the nervous system quickly adapts, and the pain starts to decrease in a few weeks.

In order to minimize this discomfort, it is important to slowly enter the routine of exercise. The biggest mistake many people make is the forcing and exercising of all muscle groups at once, which can lead to pain that can prevent exercise for up to a week.

2) Over Time, Your Energy Will Increase

As time passes, the body adapts to the new level of activity, which leads to feeling more energetic after the training. The more active you train, the more energetic you will feel the rest of the day.Pages: 1 23

3) A Swell Of Pain But You Will Grow Stronger: 

The main reason behind joining the gym or even exercising in your own home is towards achieving one goal only and that is to make your body and muscles stronger. When you start exercising, your body starts to tear apart in your own body which rebuilds in itself and that causes pain. The fibre in your body will grow stronger after a little pain. This will make you feel sore but you will prevail in this mode. 

4) You Will Feel Energetic: 

Exercising in your garden or outside while taking in the fresh air could do the trick for your health as inhaling pure form of breath without any intoxication can purify your own body which will make you feel energetic and enigmatic at the same time. You will feel a sudden surge of power rushing through your body as it will keep your zeal charged for all day long. 

5) You Will Feel Hunger Like Never Before: 

It is not a bad thing to feel hungry and if you are exercising, then it means your hunger will only increase but this hunger is different so make sure that you eat that food which is healthier for you as in this period if you eat anything that is even remotely oily or unhealthy then it could cause a problematic effect to all the exercise that you did. 

6) Your Mood Lightens:

 you are having a good sleep which is recorded in a study that many experiences good sleep pattern after a workout, you are hungry which means a healthy appetite, you are becoming stronger and your body is inhaling pure air, all these effects will lead to only a positive outcome which will emerge as an optimistic and happy mood.


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